Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monthly Stats

Avaree Elizabeth
2 months
10 lbs 13 oz
22.5 in

Well every month I am going to be bragging about my baby. I know it's annoying, but I'm holding myself back from doing it every day. This little girl is the happiest baby ever! She smiles most of the day. I say most because she does have a fussy time before she goes to bed. When she is fussy, she can be easily soothed by talking to her. She will open her eyes and try to cry, but a little giggle comes out instead. She is currently sleeping 8 hours at night. WHAT?! You read that right.... she goes to bed at 9:30 and wakes up around 6:30. She has been doing this for about 5 weeks. What is even better is that she wakes up most of the time happy and cooing in her crib! I go in to get her and she is sucking her thumb! She is a thumb-sucker! ah! I'm still not sure if this is a good thing, but she hates pacifiers. She still sleeps most of the day, but when she is awake, she likes to watch her sister play. Isabella will put things on her lap while she is in her swing and Avaree just sits there and laughs. She loves when I read books to her. She loves getting her diaper changed. She can roll over from her belly to her back. She is independent. She prefers putting herself to sleep. Sometimes I try to rock her and she starts crying, only to stop as soon as I lay her in her crib. She sleeps on her belly... OH NO! Doctors say that is a no-no, but hers said if she likes it to go for it! She is a firecracker; when she cries, she REALLY cries. Especially in the car. Thank goodness she doesn't cry too often. Most importantly, she loves her family. When her daddy gets home from work, she smiles ear to ear. I can already see her and Isabella playing in their tent, giggling. Oh, I just love them!


  1. That picture in the middle she looks a little like isabella. So cute. Keep the posts coming! I'm happy your back to blogging!

  2. There is no apostrophe in your last name. Take it out so it is just the plural. You'll look smarter.

  3. Emily M.: It is intended to be possesive.