Sunday, August 15, 2010

..there's a calm I can't explain...

I had such a great day at church today. We had a great sacrament meeting and our Sunday school lesson was even better. Our teacher discussed our life before we came to Earth and he spoke about it in a way I had never heard. He put things in perspective that really made me feel so much closer to my savior, Jesus Christ. I had to trust Him and His plan. I actually put my trust in Jesus that his plan was the one that would bring me salvation. I trusted in Him to be our Savior. I felt so moved to think about our pre-mortal life and the decisions we made. I am so grateful for my Savior and that he atoned for my sins. He brings me hope and joy in my life.
On our way home, we got pulled over by the police for dark tinting on our windows.. what a slap in the face. We had such a wonderful spirit and this guy comes along and ruins it. I wanted to be so angry and let it ruin my day, but I saw my husband. He was so calm and respectful. He didn't say one bitter word or complaint. He didn't get angry or walk around pouting. And, especially, he did not let it ruin his day. I am so grateful that he is an example to me. I was in the kitchen, being pitiful, and my dad came in and reminded me something that I can always look at to calm me down. I was holding Isabella in my arms and he said, "Just look at your beautiful daughter. She is the only thing that matters." I still stood there sulking and waited until he walked away. I looked at Isabella and realized he is right. Just looking at her sweet smile made my heart melt. Why would I let something so stupid ruin my day?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Whip it.. whip it good!

So, my new guilty pleasure is the Yoplait Whips... have you tried it? Seriously! I can't get them off my mind! They have a bunch of yummy flavors and I like every single one of them! My mom bought them when she was here... ever since then I have been hooked! Hey, it's way better than eating ice cream or brownies!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blessed.. with trials?

Lately, in my life, I have been challenged to face my trials. It seems like every Monday we have a lesson at family home evening on trials. I have been going through some trials in my life with my health and have been struggling to persevere. A lot of the lessons talked about turning to the Lord when faced with trials and that is exactly what I have been doing. I have been reading my scriptures daily and saying my prayers. It has really blessed my life and I can see the blessings pouring out in front of me.
I watch a show on BYU TV called the Food Nanny. They recently had a family on the show who were faced with a trial in their life. They were in a severe car accident and the husband suffered debilitating injuries. He was unable to work and the wife had to go back to work to bring home money. I saw this young family, who suffered so much and I asked myself, "How blessed is my family?"
This family was so positive and never gave up. They were so optimistic about what the future had in store for them and the husband even mentioned that it is a trial in his life that he just has to overcome.  I see these sweet people as an example of how we should always stay positive and never stray away from the Lord's plan. He has so much in store for each and every one of us and we may never know on this earth the reason why He has put these trials in our way. He wants us to turn to Him.
Even though I am struggling, I know that my Heavenly Father is there every step of the way. I know that he has blessed me with such a beautiful and eternal family. That is the most important thing in my life. I am truly blessed.