Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1st day of Spring!

It was beautiful on Sunday! Terry and I had the windows open and played with Rubi and Slater! I love spring! I wish the weather could stay like this, but unfortunatley it gets hotter!
Georgia was out fron hiding and watching us play outside!Terry calls her Atlanta!
See how high Slater can jump!

Miss Princess

What a beautiful sky!

Rubi will NEVER look at me when I take a picture!
He is NON-StOP!

I tricked her to get her to look at me!

Whipcream Obsession!

It's true.... Rubi and Slater are addicted to whipcream! I don't know how they got hooked, but it's real! When they hear Terry getting it out of the fridge they flip out! Below is one of many hilarious videos that we recorded (By the way, if you haven't noticed, our dogs are like our children and this is what we do in our spare time!) It's ridiculous! If you look at Slater's chin you will see his whipcream beard!!!!

SPRING, where are you!?!

It snowed again! It was very unexpected, but beautiful! I always loves when it snows, especially in March! We have found that Slater is OBSESSED with snow, and Rubi could care less... I guess because she's a Florida girl! I can't wait for Spring!!!! The sky cleared so quickly!So, Slater runs frantically in the snow and bites it!
Here he is, annoyingly whining to go outside again!
View from the computer room... it wasn't much, but hopefully it's the last of the season!!!!!!!