Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What A Beautiful Day!

Sundays are always wonderful! This past Sunday, after church Terry and I went to the dog park with Rubi and Slater. They absolutely LOVE going, but after 20 minutes of running around they are exhausted and want to leave! Slater torments the other dogs and chases them while Rubi wonders around peeing on everything... It was such a gorgeous day.. we finally have SUN and warmer weather! (It probably won't last very long) We are so busy during the week it was nice to actually relax! We were able to uncover our grill and cookout... it was so nice! What a great day! Without my consent, Terry bought Rubi and Slater HUGE rawhide bones! Needless to say they love them!
Slater was very protective of his bone.. and Rubi's!
Slater is psycho in the car! He is OBSESSED with sticking his head out the window!
Leaving the park... exhausted!

Even when we are driving fast he tries his hardest to keep his head out!
Full moon!


  1. You look so pretty! I love these pictures and I'm glad the weather let up for the nice weekend! You take such good pictures of the dogs. Lucy won't hold still long enough to get any good ones. Love you! miss you!

  2. You guys are so adorable!! I love those dogs too! It makes us want a dog sooooo bad!! Looks like you guys are having a great time in TN! I miss you!!