Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Beloved Sugar

Sat, Feb. 14 mom gave me the news that Sugar passed away. I'm sad mostly because she suffered and also because I couldn't be there to help her. That's something I have struggled with a lot since we've moved away-- not being there in times like these. Even though it's been 2 weeks, I still cry over her death. She was the most cautious cat of the bunch and it's sad she had to go the way she did. I feel almost guilty about what happened and blame myself for not taking her with me. I really bonded to her as a child because of what she went through as a kitten. I was about 9 years old when I got her. We rescued her from a horrible place and she has always been so scared, but I think she always felt safe with me. She was the best mother to her kittens and was even nursing one of them while giving birth to the next litter! There are so many memories I have of her. Everyone in the family called her scaredy cat or "flash" because they didn't see her too often. I remember how she always let the other cats eat first. She was so sweet to the other cats and never tried to start any comotion. I remember when she made her home in dad's old car in the shop. I remember how she always purred when she saw me. I remember her "silent meow". The list goes on... she was such a sweet, gentle animal and I will miss her dearly. It will be different coming to the house and not seeing her. I hope one day to be able to see her again. I know she is in heaven right now with Texas and Trickster. I love you Sugar.


  1. What about being in heaven with Milgan! YOU better change that post!! ! =((((

  2. You made me cry. I am so sorry this had to happen this way. Who would have known? I love you Ash. I know it's hard not being here but Murfreesboro is where you guys need to be right now. You will move back someday and it will be like you never left! Mom.