Friday, July 15, 2011

June update......

Well, it seems to be easiest if I update about once a month, so this may be an ongoing pattern. The month of June has been dedicated to spending time with friends and family. I also had a chance to reflect on my spirituality and individuality. I spent 4 days away from Terry and Isabella at Young Women's Camp. What was even worse, I had no contact with them, but for a short phone call each day that was less than a minute. Before leaving for camp, I just had so much doubt that I could get through it. Even when I was getting in the car, I was talking myself out of going. Before I left the house, I said a prayer for strength. When I got to camp, I had confirmation that I would be ok and so would Terry and Isabella. I had only a few small moments before going to bed when I cried to myself. Despite those small moments, I was able to focus on the girls and their time at camp. My testimony was strengthened and I was able to bond with so many people there. It was a great experience that I am so grateful I had the chance to go through. We celebrated my birthday, on which I got a new camera and got extremely sick. What a lovely day! Here are some pictures.....

Oliver's BDAY!

Coop and Alicia's visit!

Daddy and Bella at the park...

Beach day!

Farmer bella

Young Women's Camp

My dear ABBY!

Can you tell I am about to puke and it is way past Bella's bedtime??


  1. swweeetttt!! I love these photos! Can I see pictures from your new camera????!!!! WOoo hooo You are back!