Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soakin' up the Sun!

I decided to put away the laptop and soak up the time Terry, Bella, and I had to spend together. Since he was home for 6 weeks, we have become so much closer and I have cherished that time. Now, he is back at work and our regular routine is back in order. Bella wakes up the same time every morning: 8:30 am. Did I ever mention I love having a routine? It makes things so much easier and she has been sleeping in her own crib for nap time and takes a 3 hour nap! These last few weeks we have had wonderful moments as a family. We have celebrated 2 birthdays, spent many hours at the beach, celebrated my 2nd Mother's day, swam in the pool almost every day, and got to meet our dear friend from Tennessee at the Disney Boarkdwalk. We have enjoyed every minute!

We celebrated Abuelo's birthday
Beach time!

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Pizza at the Boardwalk

Eating at Texas de Brazil

Happy 27th Terry!!!

I love my shoes.. but, after having a baby, my feet will only last from the parking lot to the restaurant while wearing high heels.

Yummy cake..

We love the pool!


  1. love all the great pictures of you guys! looks like your having fun. way to go on isabella taking her naps. hooray!

  2. So cute@!!! you are so skinny ash! Your family is adorable! love you guys!