Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So much to blog about... so little time....

    Wow... I have so much to catch up with on the blog writing... How about we scratch off all previous events and I will start blogging from Bella's first birthday!? Sounds great!
    So, where in the world are the Romero's? We are in FLORIDA!! Sunshine state! We have left our first home, beautiful land, and wonderful friends! It is the next phase of our life. Tennessee was a place where I learned to grow up (Yeah, I know it might have been a good idea to do this BEFORE I got married). It was our home away from home. I was able to make friends, get a job, go to school, get a calling, have a CHILD, and live in a whole new world! All on my own!!!! (technically the CHILD part involved my husband and I couldn't have done it without him!) What a wonderful time. Now, we are back in Florida. Our home.
   We are not a 10 hour drive away from our friends and family! How wonderful it is! And what I am so excited about... getting my tan back!!!! Man, Tennessee really wiped out any evidence of sun on my skin. So, we will definitely be taking advantage of the 30 minute drive to the beach!
   Bella's first birthday was a success!! We went to Gatorland on her actual birthday and she loved all the animals! Her birthday party was the next day... she was eating up all of the attention. She is considered a toddler now! Is this really happening? I still see her as my baby. She loves to talk and points to things and says, "wassat?" or "tsssss".. she loves to dance! Any chance she hears music her legs start shaking and her body starts bouncing. She is starting to feed herself! Her time in her high chair is her favorite time of the day, hands down. She loved her cake and loved hearing everyone sing happy birthday to her.. it was so much fun to see her so excited! She is starting to point to her body parts when I ask her where they are and she is doing animal noises... so fun! she isn't always right sometimes cows say "meow" and dogs say "quack quack" so it's a work in progress!! So here are some pictures from her birthday!

Bella loved opening her presents and is such a big girl now!!!!!!


  1. So cute. I'm a little jealous of Bellas picture with Gardner, it should be Normie

  2. I love this post! She really is growing up! I am glad you take the time to document these days! She is so beautiful and her bday was all decked out in beauty! Great job!