Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dum Dum

So, since Isabella has had her first sugar rush she has never been the same. She changed the moment that cake touched her mouth. It's like she knows she is a big girl now! She has always been a GREAT eater, no kidding she will eat anything you put in her mouth. Now, she will refuse her vegetables and certain fruits. Is this really happening? She can't be fooled either. I used to be able to hide the veggies in other foods, but she finds them. She will chew the chicken and spit out the broccoli. UGH! So, I have given in to this madness. I gave her a lollipop... wow that was not smart. She didn't know how to eat it at first. She looked at it and would stick it in her mouth. After about 30 seconds she was a pro. She was switching hands, twirling it, and even did a no-hander. She was in heaven. 5 minutes later, with sticky hands and mouth, she was satisfied and no more crying!!!!!!

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  1. hahahah This is so cute and funny! love ya Bella!