Thursday, September 6, 2012

What would you do for a good picture?

Think about it... really...

Would you wait for hours for the sun to hit that spot just perfectly?

Would you stand in the most awkwardly position in front of everyone just to get the right angle?

Would you?

Would you sweat profusely, taking shots over and over again until you get both of your kids to smile?

Would you get bit up by ants and not even care because they both just smiled at the same time!!!?

What about the person on the other side of the camera...

Would you jump off a really high cliff (into water) to getting that awesome jumping pose?

Would you pull off of a major highway to take a picture in front of the "Welcome" sign?

Would you?

Would you put on pretty dresses and go outside in the hot sun, even though you are tired?

Would you gladly accept cake, just for one more smile!!??

Today, I became crazy mother. I have been wanting a good picture of my two kids so badly and I did whatever it took today to get one. I bribed Isabella with food. I let her pick anything she wanted to eat, just so she would put her dress on. After I finally got her outside, with Avaree, I stood in our driveway, searching for the perfect spot. I quickly discovered that Bella and I were both standing in an ant bed. Bella began crying and I knew my chances were all over. This is what we got...

"But Mommy, I don't want to take pictures.."

"Take your fafa out of your mouth!"

Where's Avaree?

Where's Isabella?

"Get your foot out of the camera!"

"The sun is in my eyes!"

"Please stop taking pictures Mommy!"

"There's something in my eye!!"

So we went inside, took a break, and then I tried round two. I bribed Isabella with food once again. She accepted and we went outside. I took dozens of pictures. Bella laughed in some while Avaree made a weird face. Avaree smiled in some while Bella cried. I just looked up into the sky and said, "Why can't I get a good picture!!!?" Then, I flashed back to my childhood. I remembered how awful and miserable it was when my mom said, "Let's get a picture!" All seven of us children would moan and groan as we lined up. My mom would even make us pose at the beach, sitting in each other's laps. I remembered at that moment how miserable I felt and just wanted my mom to stop taking pictures! So, I took one last picture and put my camera down. There's always photoshop! Stay tuned for the final product!
And I did actually give Bella her special treat.


  1. Hahahaha! This is totally my life with twins, I can never ever ever get them both to look at the camera at the same time. And getting them both to SMILE at the same time while looking at the camera? Yeah right.

  2. Was it just your childhood you were remembering because I'm pretty sure mom still does this!