Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

Since I am so late on updating my blog.. I thought I would just recap some special moments that we have been through so far. Isabella has grown so much and from the very beginning had so much personality. She is very stubborn, like her mommy, and loves to move, especially her legs! She loves to smile and loves looking out to the world! She loves eating and is starting to get very attached to me! She started sleeping through the night a little before she turned three months, but she still gets to take her morning naps with mommy. She is starting to roll over and before we know it she will be crawling!

First and only hicky from Isabella.. I learned my lesson!

First walk outside......

First suck of the thumb.. thanks Nana

First bath...

First trip to church....

Went to watch the kids soccer game.. got her first sunburn!

First nap in the crib.. went very well.....

First nap in the play pen... didn't go so well....

First trip to the infamous Castle near our house.... I was a little more excited than she was!

First trip to Florida.. she got to meet her Abuelo!

Kissing her cousin, Oliver. They love each other already!

First dress of white.. blessing day

First picture with the cousins.... Oliver and Norman

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