Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 Year in Review

So much has happened this past year that I have been way too busy to update my blog! I am just going to go through and update on some important events that happened in our lives...

MOM TURNED 50!!! We went down to Florida to celebrate her 50th birthday and Amber's baby shower!
Terry has been very active playing soccer, football and basketball! I went to all of his soccer games!

We raced down to Florida to welcome little Oliver to this world.. Terry and I made it before they left the hospital...

The Beatty's and Epperson's came to visit... which is always important and exciting for us because we miss our family everyday! While they were visiting Terry and I took a pregnancy test and.... IT WAS POSITIVE!!!!!!! MOM did not find out until later!

In August, we visited Florida again for Oliver's blessing..jhon's bday... and to tell the rest of the family the BIG NEWS!!!! We surprised MOM and DAD Beatty and The whole Romero Family. It was exciting and we got it all on video!!!!
Thanksgiving was our first at home... I made a 30lb turkey and lots of food!!!!!! Carrie and her daughter came over to eat dinner with us.

And last but not least... CHRISTMAS! Terry and I planned a trip to Venezuela (bought the tickets and everything) to visit family. At the last minute we decided not to go because of my pregnancy. $1000 down the tubes! But, it was worth being able to spend so much time with our families in Florida. It was a BIT stressful, but we love each and every one. We can't even imagine how it will be when we actually have the baby...


  1. Wow! This is a nice post! We saw you guys a lot this year! I love you! You are awesome! Your belly looks so cute in that dress! I'm glad it fit! Love you!!

  2. glad you updated the blog. I had forgotten all the stuff we did last year. I love you baby. Mom