Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Epperson visit

It was the middle of the night... I heard a loud banging on the door... I sat up and heard it again! I woke up Terry to check on it.. and guess who it was!?!?! Jason, Amber, and Lucy... it was a big upset for me when I went to bed because I thought they weren't able to make it. I was so surprised and happy to see them even thought it was 2 AM.... We had a great time and we wish they could have stayed longer! We were also so excited to see Amber's belly growing! We ove them very much and can't wait till they move here!!! Jason and Terry... in a field near our house that we took the dogs to run and play.. it lasted about 20 minutes and they were exhausted!

Me and Amz... carrying all the leashes and toys!

Slater had fun playing with his cousin Lucy

Rubi... rolling in poop from some kind of animal! thanks!

We all waited for about 2 hours to get a lane for bowling! Terry was very happy to be playing!


We went to marble slab to get ice cream.... mmmm goooood!

Bucky.. hiding after we dressed him up in Lucy's pink jacket!

Slater, Rubi, and Lucy playing tug-of-war... Lucy won!


Saying BYE to Amz and Jason... we will miss you!

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